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 Update Log (1.0D)

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Update Log (1.0D) Empty
PostSubject: Update Log (1.0D)   Update Log (1.0D) Icon_minitime1Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:40 pm

Dragonball Z Kai Darkness Update Log
Version 1.0E (Unreleased)
[list][*]Fixed a glitch where the scouter is on the wrong way when Self and Dual Training

Version 1.0D (Current)
  • The Legendary Super Sayian Quest is now in the game. You can learn Instant Transmission if Completed. Talk to Goku for the Quest
  • Skin is now better than before
  • Freiza and Cell (Both in their final forms) are now in hell
  • Emote Verb added
  • Had to remove the scouters off the Ginyu Force because of Coding problems, will be added back.
  • Made so that My Laptop is the only way to get Master GM

Version 1.0C
  • Edited Scouter So it looks like the one Raditz has on
  • Currently Testing Skin
  • Added Some BYOND benefits and Admin Benefits

Version 1.0B
  • Added Scouter verbs, Scouter Say, Scouter Tune and Scouter Scan.
  • Added So that me and the Staff Council get all moves.
  • Edited Skin
  • Added Change Name Verb
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Update Log (1.0D)
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